Thursday, October 23, 2008

no co-incidence

I was able to meet again an old friend, actually a batchmate during my primary years. I must say life has no co-incidence because everything God does for a purpose. Rose went to our house one night because my brother was looking for an architect to process their building permits and the architect was actually the husband of Rose. We talked about our lives and i mentioned to her that I just resigned from my previous job and doing home bakeshop as a sideline. One night, she texted me and ordered 1box of assorted brownies and food for the gods. I had it delivered to her house which is just near our place. The following week she ordered again, this time 12boxes. At first i get overwhelmed, since this is the first time i had order in bulk, but said to myself i can do it. I rushed to Quiapo and bought some of the ingredients. I only have 1 day to finished the baking, but before anything else i need to clean up first and prepare all the tools as well as the machines that i'll be needing. While i was baking, i had a hard time figuring out the exact measurement of all the ingredients that is needed, hirap pala talaga, it takes patience and perseverance. Everything should be organized, considering that my kitchen is so small and my oven can only accomodate 2trays at a time. Well finally i'm done, i started at 11:30am and finished it at around 8pm with so many distractions from my son who's reviewing for his periodical exam. The following morning, i did the packing and finished it before Rose arrived and picked it up.

The income is not that big but it's worth all the hard work especially if you know people are satisfied with your products and keep on coming back.

Monday, October 13, 2008

worried about the laptop

I've been using my sister's (Charisse) laptop eversince I'm into blogging cause our PC is already obsolete and we don't have yet our internet connection. Buti nalang, she's taking up IT and my brother (Joel) gave this laptop to her. Yesterday, i used it for 5hours and left the house to attend our dance practice. This morning, my son told me that the laptop is totally black out and i get worried thinking i won't be able to replace a new one. When i went to my sister's house, i saw her using her laptop, thank's God, it's running again!

I plan and hope I would be able to buy one before this year ends.

dinner out

There's a new restaurant located at Rockwell, Makati owned by a young and enthusiast celebrity. They offer scrumptious meals for a group of 4 to 5. We also ordered a wagyu beef meal, we call it in our culinary class as the non-stressed beef, because of its high dense marbling and intense flavor hence it results to less fats. It's soft and flavorful, but of course i go for veggies that's why i ordered my "sumosam's pride" salad.'s really yummy, especially if you know that someone is going to pay for it.

Thanks Joel, and hope you'll invite us again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

home bakeshop

While out of job i do home bakeshop to earn extra money at least an allowance when we attend church. I'm glad i discovered a new store just near where we attend church in Makati. It's located inside a mall, Bakers Depot has a variety of equipments and ingredients for your baking needs. I shop there whenever i run out of some stuffs but i prefer to go to DV or Quiapo when i need to buy those for wholesale cause its cheaper there.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

starting all over again

yesterday, i was so determined to write my post but unfortunately the laptop was not available. Glad, my sister got home early and here i am don't know how to start my with my comeback post.

One of the reasons why i'm back is that i realized, this is what i need to unload everything that's going on with my life that i can be able to share to all of you.

Ganito yata talaga, pag wala kang trabaho, daming naiisip...O nga noh....5mos. na pala akong walang trabaho after resigning from my previous work. Its really hard to start all over again when you are used to doing things for 14 long years. Ngayon pa lang nag sisink dahil siguro wala na kong pera...huhuhu...But I'm faithful God will provide.


My friends inspire me to get back on blogging, SRI batch '87. Actually we will be having our reunion on Nov 8. First time palang ako naka attend ng meeting last August 30, it was their 5th meeting for our reunion. Sarap pala ng feeling when you see your high school friends and trying to reminisce those old memories. Actually, kasama ako sa dance presentation, from modern to 80's (kapanahunan ba..). We had our first practice yesterday with Cherry, Vilma and Lanie. Masarap pawisan pero mahirap pala mag buo ng steps if you're having memory gap already, hehehe...Nakabuo naman kami ng 4 different dances na medley, well, not bad.

till next practice.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm back....

Hi to everyone...sorry for being away for quite a long time. I'm glad i'm back and looking forward to share more about my life's recipe. Please expect that there'll be some changes hopefully with my homepage.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!